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You're wondering what we do right?

The Officials Club offers invaluable support and resources to help Referees reach their full potential.

Need help passing the fitness test? Want to score higher marks on your observations? Just passed your initial course?

We provide a platform that gives you everything you need from access to industry experts including Premier League Referees to our social groups with Referees just like you.

The Officials Club is built on being a positive and constructive environment. We are inclusive and welcome Referees at all levels - there really is something for everyone.

To keep it simple, we break it down into our three pillars. 

Learning Platform.png

The Officials Club learning platform offers referees a comprehensive range of resources to enhance their skills and knowledge. You will find a huge library of guides, print-outs, presentations and lessons covering the various aspects of refereeing; laws of the game, health & fitness, managing conflict, the psychology behind the whistle and much more. This is where you'll find our 'Netflix Style' library of Study Clubs & Masterclasses with industry experts including Premier League Referees that you can watch on demand.

Community Hub.png

At The Officials Club, our community hub is the beating heart of our community, where referees come together to share experiences, learn from one another, and grow as professionals. Join our inclusive and supportive community, where every member is valued and encouraged to thrive. There is a group for everyone - WhatsApp, Facebook, Website Forum, Discord and even gaming groups!

Partnership Scheme.png

The Officials Club partnership scheme invites other organisations to collaborate with us in supporting our members. Through sponsorship, events, and promotional activities, partners can connect with our diverse community and demonstrate their commitment to an integral part of grassroots football. As a member, you can enjoy access to a huge range of discounts on kit, equipment, training gear, supplements and much more!

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